Tip 1: How to tear down the operating system

Removal of the operating system - this is an interesting creative process.Most often, in order to achieve complete removal of the OS from the local disk, it is necessary to format the partition on which it is installed.
Let us look at the operating system removal option from another computer.This is a fairly simple way, because it does not require any programming.Turn off the computer and remove the hard drive.Connect it to another PC.
Turn on the computer and start the sec
ond set it operating system .Windows automatically detects your hard drive.Open a window containing a list of the hard drives connected to the computer.
Open the partition on which the operating system to be removed.Select the Windows folder, and press Del.Wait for the removal operation.
Now consider the situation where there is no possibility to connect a hard drive to another computer, but on your computer running another operating system.
Turn on the computer and start the second OS.Open the section containing unnecessary operating system and repeat the steps described in the third step.
If both of the above methods are not suitable, you will need the installation CD of one of the following operating systems: Windows XP, Vista or Seven.
Paste the above disc in DVD-ROM drive and run the installer.Most likely, this will require a press F8 when you start the download PC and select how to download a DVD-drive.
Continue with the installation program as long as you do not appear before the selection of the local disc.
When it comes to running Windows XP, select the partition containing the unnecessary operating system and press F to format.
If you are dealing with a disk Windows Vista or Seven, then press the "Setup Disk", select the desired profile and click "Format".
obvious disadvantages of the third method of demolition of the operating system that in addition to the operating system to partition the drive will erase all information.

Tip 2: How to carry

OS installation and re-installation of the operating system - is the primary skills that should have every self-respecting to the notebook or computer.This process is very interesting, and it requires a certain knowledge in the field of work with disk partitions.There are times when you want to remove an operating system from the hard disk.For example, if you buy a second hard drive and decided to make it a system, then you definitely need to be cleaned as the old hard drive.
How to tear down the OS
you need
  • installation disc Windows
  • second PC or laptop
  • second hard drive
One of the easiest ways to clean the hard diskon the operating system - connect it as a secondary hard drive.Locate a second computer and connect it to your hard drive.Start the operating system installed on the second PC or laptop.Open "My Computer", right click on your hard drive and select "Format".It is preferred to perform a full format of the disk partitions.To do this, before you click "start" uncheck the item "Fast (clearing the table of contents)."This operation can be carried out not only from the system partition.
If you are unable to connect your hard drive to another stationary PC or laptop, but you have a second hard drive, install it in the new OS.Run the newly installed operating system and then repeat the steps in the previous step.
If the first two options are not suitable for you, you act differently.Insert the disc with any operating system family of Windows.Start the installation process.Wait for the moment when you will be given the choice of the hard disk on which you want to install the OS.In the case of Windows XP, select the partition on which the operating system is already installed, which should be removed.In the next window, select "Format (full)".After formatting abort the installation of the OS.
How to tear down the OS
If we are talking about the installation disk Windows Seven, after the appearance of the selection box, select the drive with the installed operating system and click "Format".Most likely, that the item appears in the menu, you will need to click "Disk Configuration".Similar to the previous step, turn off the computer after the completion of the formatting process.
How to tear down the OS


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