you need
  • - free program Resource Hacker, available for download at;
  • - the right to change the registry.
Duplicate File logonui.exe, located in the System32 subdirectory of the installation directory of the operating system.Use the guide or any file manager.Go to the specified directory.Find logonui.exe file and copy it to the same directory, but under a different name.Remember that name.
How to change XP Welcome screen
Open the module that is a copy logonui.exe, in Resource Hacker.Press the key combination Ctrl + O or select the main application menu items File, "Open ...".In the File Open dialog, change directory to the one which w
as placed an executable that is a copy logonui.exe.Locate the file in the list and select it.Click "Open".
How to change XP Welcome screen
Change colors, styles, layout and font settings interface elements welcome screen Windows XP.In the left pane, expand Resource Hacker Resource tree called UIFILE.Expand the child node and select the elements contained therein.In the right pane displays the multiline text editor placed in a text configuration file.Explore the downloaded data.Their format is intuitive, and the names of identifiers directly indicate the elements of the interface.

Correct configuration parameters.Click Compile Script, above the text editor.
How to change XP Welcome screen
Find images used window greeting you want to change.Expand the tree called Bitmap in the left pane of Resource Hacker.Expand the child nodes of this section and highlight the elements contained in them.In the right pane of the program will display an image downloaded from the resource with the corresponding identifiers.Remember resource identifiers.
How to change XP Welcome screen
change the image used window greeting XP.Highlight one of the items corresponding to the image resource, see Bitmap.Select from the menu Action and "Replace Bitmap ...".In the dialog box Replace bitmap in press "Open file with new bitmap ...".Specify the file format bmp with a new image.Click "Open".Click Replace.
How to change XP Welcome screen
Change the welcome window XP, corrected and used in the text of the inscription.Open the String Table in the left pane of Resource Hacker.Expand the child nodes of this section and highlighting the elements contained in them, through the table rows.Change the desired items in the right pane.Click Compile Script.Save all changes by pressing Ctrl + S.
How to change XP Welcome screen
Make changes to the Windows registry to as an application, Windows Welcome, run the corrected copy logonui.exe.Start the registry editor by going to "Start," click "Run", typing in the text box that appears regedit, and the value of dialogue with OK.

Open the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon, consistently expanding the appropriate nodes and selecting the final roster.Start changing the value of the name UIHost.Click on the item with the given name in the list, the right pane of the application.Open dialogue "Edit String".In the "Value" dialog, enter the name of the file created in the first step.Press OK.
How to change XP Welcome screen
Check results.Restart the computer.The Welcome screen is displayed corrected.
How to change XP Welcome screen