Tip 1: How do I clear the search box

Queries entered into the search string , defaults remain in the browser cache and appear on subsequent calls to reduce the time spent searching for the necessary information.In some cases, the requests are stored in the server search system.To clear the search string you want to remove the cache of web browser or disable the search engine to store the entered words and phrases.
Google ChromeChtoby prohibit the search engine will automatically load in line request previously entered words, and at the same time to clear your browser cache, click on the icon with the image of a wrench in the Explorer pane, and then click"Options".In the "Main" in the "Search" uncheck t
he box next to "Enable Instant Search."In the "Advanced", click "Delete browsing data", and then install all of the available checkboxes, click and confirm the cache cleaning, and other data.
OperaV this browser for performing the same procedure, press Ctrl and F12, to open the "Settings".On the "Search" uncheck the box next to "Include tips for the search", click "OK".Go to the tab "Advanced" menu, choose "History".Click "Clear" in the "disk cache."
Mozilla FirefoxV Firefox menu, select "Settings" and select the tab "Privacy".Click an active link "Clear your recent history."In the new dialog box, select the time period to remove the query history for a certain period of time and check the boxes for the items "Journal of shapes and search" and "Cache."Click "Clear Now" to apply the changes.
Internet ExplorerV browser from Microsoft, open the dialog "Internet Options" from the menu "Tools".In the "Browsing History" click "Delete" button, select the check items related to the introduction of requests and confirm.Click "Options" in the "Search", select the search engine as the default, and then click "Disable options" to prevent the service saves your search queries.

Tip 2: How to remove the search box

the search bar is called a text string in the top right corner of the browser, such as Firefox.It provides the ability to search various search engines.With the introduction of the request in line search used search engine appears in the list on the left, and the search results are displayed in the right pane of the browser window.
How to remove the search box
Click "Start" to enter the main menu system and go to the point of Firefox.
Configure the display settings of the program.To do this, follow these steps.
Open the main browser window and point the mouse over the space between the search and address bar to change the size of the search string.
Wait for conversion in the double-headed arrow cursor.Use the left mouse button to move left / right arrows to lengthen / reduction of the search string.
Call the pop-up menu by clicking the mouse on the arrow icon to the left of the search box to select a search engine.By default in Firefox include: - Google - to search in the Google;
- Yandex - to search through Yandex:
- Ozon - to find in the store Ozon.ru;
- Price.ru - to search for products and services through Price.ru;
- Wikipedia - to search Russian Wikipedia:
- Mail.ru - to search through Mail.ru;
- Yandex dictionaries - dictionaries to search Yandex.
Select the search engine from the list offered.
Click the search engine icon and select "Manage Search Engines" to add the desired search engine in the list.
Press the "Plug-ins for other search engines ..." to see the options and select the desired.
Click "Add to Firefox» to bring up the boot program.
Select "Start using it right now" to immediately apply the changes.
Click "Add" to complete the operation.
Click "View" on the menu bar to browse to the item "Toolbar" to remove the search string.
Select "Customize" and wait for the window "Customize Toolbar."
Drag "search string" drop out of the space box "Customize Toolbar."
Click "Finish" to confirm your selection.
By default, Firefox uses the option "Only icons" to display the toolbar.
Helpful Hint
Use the box "Customize Toolbar" to add, delete and change the order of the elements above the browser toolbar by moving the mouse.
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