Download software Offline NT Password Editor, which allows you to work with saved passwords and registry entries Windows.The program is distributed in the format of a hard disk image, and therefore you will need to burn it to a removable USB-drive or CD-ROM.You can do this with the utility UltraISO.Right click on the image of the program and then click "Open With» - UltraISO.Install a storage medium into the computer and select "Create hard disk image," and then click "Save."
Wait for the procedure and restart the computer.To run the program, you need to install the appropriate settings BIOS.When you start your computer, press F2 (F8, depending on the model of your motherboard).In the Options dialog box, see Boot - First
Boot Device select your USB flash drive or floppy drive, depending on what medium you have recorded the program.Save the changes (F10) and allow the application download.
menu that appears, specify the number of the disk on which the system is installed according to the data indicated on the screen in line Candidate Windows Partition.To select a parameter refer to the size of your hard disk partition, specified in megabytes.Enter the desired number and press Enter.Then press Enter to confirm the partition that stores the administrator password.
Then type the number 1 to select a password reset operations (Edit user data and password).In the next section, enter the identifier RID, which is listed in the first column of the table above.Then again enter the digit 1 to reset the password.After making procedures, type an exclamation point to exit edit mode and press Enter.
To save changes enter the letter q and confirm.Then type the letter y.Then enter n, to restart your computer.Remove the disc or USB flash drive, and then press the combination of Ctrl, Alt and Del to reboot.Reset Password in Windows is finished and you can set a new password in the system settings.