you need
  • - disk with Windows XP;
  • - USB-drive;
  • - access to the Internet.
Start by searching the hard disk drivers.When you install Windows XP operating system on the mobile computer often have a problem with the definition of the hard drive.To prevent it, you need to install additional drivers.Visit the manufacturer of your notebook.
Open the download center and download the necessary files.Remove them from the archive and copy the files to a USB flash drive or external hard drive to the USB or eSATA.
Download image of the Windows installation disc and burn it to a blank disc using Windows ISO File Burning.Upon completion of the program, do not remove the disc from the drive, plug the USB-drive with drivers for the hard drive and restart the mobile c
hold the F8 key after the start of loading the laptop.The menu quickly change the boot device select Internal DVD-Rom.Press any key to boot from the start disk.
Follow the step by step menu is as long as the program does not prompt you to select the sections or does not report that the missing hard drive.Now select "Install Drivers" and select the files previously stored on USB-drive.Remove the flash drive after installation of the selected files.
Once the hard drive, select the section of it, which is the operating system Windows Seven.In the next menu item activate "Format in NTFS┬╗ and press Enter.During the process of installing Windows XP mobile computer will reboot several times.No action, thereby allowing the device to boot from the hard drive.
Visit the official website of the laptop manufacturer and download the drivers for the motherboard and other devices designed to operate in the environment of Windows XP.