oldest and most effective way to protect your computer - a password BIOS.But he is reliable provided that the user does not have access to the system unit.To remove the password, you must reset the current settings BIOS.
memory storing settings BIOS (CMOS) can be cleaned with a special jumper.As a rule, it is located on the motherboard near the battery.But do not be superfluous to look at the instructions in the motherboard, as is sometimes the boards replaced jumper two pins.To clear the CMOS, they need to close a screwdriver or other metal object.
If you still have a jumper, then turning off the
computer, place the jumper so that it closes the contact jumper.Now press the power button.Do not worry, when you discover that your computer does not start downloading.All the CMOS setup has dropped, remove the jumper and left turn on the computer again.Press «F1» and the menu BIOS, make settings, or leave the default settings, click on «Save and exit».After this happens the usual boot the computer, but without the password BIOS.
If you can not find the jumper, then try to find the battery that feeds the CMOS.Turn off the computer and remove the battery.Return it to the place in 10 minutes and turn on the computer.Will be restored default settings, and your password will be absent.
Besides the access password in Windows user passwords have mailboxes, access to sites, password Internet connection and many others.Because so many passwords, some of them may be forgotten, but not every one of us to write them down.Then there is the problem - read password that is presented to us in the form of stars.Come to the aid of special programs, work is aimed precisely for this task.
most easy to handle software Asterisk Key.It is distributed free.This program examines the passwords hidden behind asterisks and gives them to you.Install the program.A string with a password, highlight, then press the «recover».Done.
But what if the user password is forgotten?If the computer password is forgotten, a stand-alone or part of a workgroup, check the password hint, which is located near the field for entering the password on the welcome screen.If the tip does not work, then log in as administrator and create a new password.