you need
  • - computer;
  • - internet;
  • - data server;
  • - anti-virus software.
Run "Network Neighborhood."This can be done from the operating system "Start".Click on "Create a new connection" in the left side of the window "Network Neighborhood."Wizard setup of new connections.Click "Next" and in the next window, set the selection to select "Connect to a network" in the workplace.Again click "Next".You can also go through the shortcut "My Computer" and select the left corner of the tab called "Control Panel."Ways on the computer a lot, because the operating system is a versatile set of tools.
Select "Connect to a virtual private network" in the next window.Specify a name for the connection (it can be any) and set the selection to the item "Do not dial the initial connection".This point is very important for a new connection to the server PC.
Enter the name of the server to which you want to connect to, or IP-address.Check the box next to "Add shortcut to connect to the desktop" and click "Finish".It appears on the desktop shortcut to the connection in the form of miniature computers connected with the name you specified in the preceding paragraph.
you need is to launch the connection, double-clicking on the icon VPN.If you do not want to repeatedly type the login and password, click on "Properties" and set them on one of the tabs and uncheck "Prompt for username and password."It is also worth noting that while the data to the server will be stored in the operating system, namely computer hard drives.Some viruses can steal this information, which subsequently can be used in the insidious purposes, so install a PC licensed software.