To install the last update (SP3) Windows XP OS should already be set to one of the previous - SP1a or SP2.Determine which of these packets is used in your computer.To do this, first select the main menu "Run" or press the key combination Win + R - so you call the on-screen dialog to run programs.It can be used in two ways.
first way: type winver and press Enter.A dialog box with information about the system, including the number and the version of the service pack.
second method enter sysdm.cpl and click Enter.On the
"General" tab that opens, locate the line under the component labeled "System" - it except OS instructions should be information about the version of the service pack.
On the same tab, pay attention to the following - if the text of the present designation of the name of the OS x64, the computer is running a 64-bit version of Windows XP.Third pack of updates for this version, Microsoft is not created, so you will only be two of them.
found out that it is necessary to install the service pack, go to the appropriate page of Microsoft server and download the installation file - direct links are provided below.The files have different weights (SP1a - 2MB, SP2 - 260 MB, SP3 - 303 MB), so this process will require different amounts of time.Keep this in mind when selecting the download dialog or save the file for later use or immediately start the installation process has finished loading.
Activation update file runs the master of this process - follow the instructions on the screen.After the installation need to restart your computer to start the operating system update.
consistently repeat the last two steps for each installed service pack.