Go to the "Start" menu by pressing the corresponding button at the bottom left of the screen.In the list that appears, select "Control Panel."In the new window, you will see a control panel system components of your computer.Next, locate the icon of the globe.Make sure that it is called the "Regional and Language Options".
In the new window, you will find yourself on the "Regional and Language Options".It is possible to configure the display system time, currency, etc.Relate the required standards in the proposed list.For example, if you are using the Russian language, therefore, you better select the "Russian".You can even specify their location, which, however, does not affect the operation of your PC.
tab "Languages" and use
the 'More' to go to the "languages ​​and text services."You will need to tab "Settings»
Click on the "Add" button in the new window, select the desired language, and then select the keyboard layout and click "OK".Make sure that it is now in the list of installed services, you have a language that you selected earlier.
Install or that the default input language.This will allow you to make much less switching from one language to another.To do this, go to the "languages ​​and text services."Use the list of "Default input language" and there, select the desired language.Click on the "Apply" button.
sure that everything is made right.The result of your work should be installed language, which is now used by default.To switch between languages, use the key combination specified in the box at the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Regional and Language Options" - "Languages" - "More" - "Options" - "Settings keyboard".