you need
  • computer with Windows XP, one or more user accounts that require the removal of access to the administrator account on the computer.
1 Turn on your computer and login as an administrator.This step is necessary to perform, because only from an administrator account, you can remove or add other accounts.
Follow the path "Start - Control Panel - User Accounts."Utility opens the User Account Control.This utility provides a complete account management: allows you to create new, modify old ones, the ones that are already registered on the computer and choose the method of entry into the operating system.
Highlight require removal of the account.The
menu for this account.Find the icon on the left of the item "Delete Account" (it will be the last).The next window, you are prompted to delete or leave the data of the user.You can delete them a pleasure, or leave.You can also cancel the operation.Once you choose to delete or keep the user data, the system will require you to confirm the deletion of the account.Click on the button "Delete account".Done!The account was deleted successfully.
Restart the computer to check the result.If unsuccessful, perform the algorithm once again.