To delete an entry , go to "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu and expand the "Accounts" by double clicking.In the window that opens, click on the entry you want to delete.
Click on "Delete an entry ».The program will prompt you to save the profile to remove members in a new folder on your desktop.You can store data, to delete them or refuse to remove the account.Make your selection and click the appropriate button.Confirm your decision by clicking "Yes."
If you are logged in as the administrator, delete your own account not be able to record.You will have to create a new user with administrator rights, go under his name and remove the "Administrator".You can give those rights to another registered party and ask them to remove yo
ur "uchetku."
There is another way.Right-click the "My Computer" and select from the drop down menu "Management".Expand the snap-in "Local Users" and "Users".If the system were created invisible accounts, they can not be seen from the "Control Panel", even the administrator.However, the program "Local Users and Groups" shows all registered participants.
Move the cursor to the desired entry and call the pop-up menu by clicking the right button.Choose the command "Delete".Confirm your decision by clicking "Yes."In this mode, you can delete the recording «Administrator".You can simply press the keyboard Delete.You will see the same dialog box prompts you to confirm deletion.
accounting record does not necessarily remove - it can be turned off, and then a user who is registered under it, will not come into the system.Start Snap "Local Users" mark an entry and call the context menu of the right mouse button.Choose the command "Properties" and put a check mark in the checkbox "Disable an Entry ».To confirm, press OK.