you need
  • - the image of any distribution Linux;
  • - DVD-disc.
Download the image you liked distribution, after referring to the review of the system and learn all the technical data.Many users start to the world of the Linux install Ubuntu, although the family of Mandriva and Fedora also easy to use.
Record the downloaded image to a DVD-ROM with a special utility for recording.It copes well with its tasks the program UltraISO, though sometimes the manager can approach the standard recording CDs of Windows Vista and Seven.
3 Place a disc in the drive and restart the computer.Make su
re that the BIOS is setting you up to boot from CD (Boot Menu - First boot device).Next, the installer will prompt you to select a language setting.Depending on the version of the distribution is started directly the installer, the system, or a graphical environment to familiarize with the work of Linux.If you load a graphical shell, then click on the desktop shortcut Install.
Follow the instructions.You can install the system on their own partitions prepared or choose to automatically partition.After selecting the last option, all data on your hard disk will be deleted.
Select the drive on which will be installed, make a layout (after selecting the appropriate item) and click "Install Now."
Select your location and select your keyboard layout.Next, select your preferred username and password.Wait for the installation, and then press the "reset" and remove the CD from the computer.The system can be regarded as established.