you need
  • - the distribution of the operating system on the disk.
Before installing the operating system, save everything you may need for further data on removable media or move the files to an external hard drive on which you plan to install Windows, ifOf course, there is one in the hardware configuration of your PC.
Restart the computer.When you download as soon as the monitor will turn - just press Esc.Select the priority for the drive in the list of boot devices, save the changes, insert the disc with the operating system into the drive and restart the system.
When the screen appears "Boot from CD, Press any key ...", press any key to continue the installation.You will appear before the eyes of the installer Windows, follow the instructions that you will need to a
Read the license agreement if you are satisfied with all the points, confirm the agreement and continue the installation.Select the disk or partition to install Windows.
Select install a new copy of the operating system in the selected partition.Format the disk or the sector in the system NTFS, if it allows its volume (this type of file system designed for volumes from 32 GB and above).Wait for the scan and clean the disk.
After the computer restarts, you will have a window installation, wait until the system will perform the operation will copy the data and install.Periodically dialog boxes that require attention: enter the name of the organization, if necessary, enter the administrator password.Select your time zone.The Windows Setup program has an intuitive interface, so it is very easy to navigate.
At the end of the installation of the system on your computer, enter the user name and password.