Open the "Start" menu and click the left mouse button once the line "Search programs and files".Enter the query "color."As you type in the search box at the top of the line will appear with the programs and files that match the query.
In the list that appears, find the line "Change the color scheme" and click on it once with the left mouse button.Dialog box "Color and Appearance window," which shows patterns of working windows and the main screen.
also settings area "Color and Appearance" can be run any other way.To do this, open the "Start" menu in the list on the right, click once with the left mouse button on the line, "Control Panel".In the Settings window, click on the line "Display".A window opens with the image settings in the list on the left click place it in "Changing the color scheme" once with the left
mouse button.
In the window that opens, select your favorite color scheme.To do this, expand the schemes and alternately click the left mouse button on the line with the name of color schemes, or to scroll between the lines by pressing the arrow keys "up" and "down" key on your keyboard.After selecting a specific string with the name of the scheme changed field samples.After you select the desired colors for the working windows and areas consistently click "Apply" button and the «Ok».Color schemes for the working window changes without restarting the computer.
As a rule, the standard color schemes for the Windows operating system are boring and unattractive.In this regard, users can customize the color scheme manually.To do this in the dialog box "Color and Appearance window" click "Other" and choosing different elements of windows and workspaces on a sample from the top, change their characteristics (such as font, color, size, etc.).
addition to the standard color scheme for windows and the desktop in Windows 7 has the ability to install design options from third-party developers.Custom Themes for Windows 7 can be found and downloaded from the Internet or installed from the disk to the official additions and modifications to the operating system.