According to statistics, the most common operating system in the world today is Windows XP.Behind her is a considerable backlog of Windows 7, and has not been a favorite of the previous version.Given the numerous security problems that are typical of these operating systems, many users are looking forward to visiting the sale of Windows 8.

Microsoft has announced the schedule availability of the new operating system for different categories of users.On August 15, 2012 Windows 8 will sell services to subscribers MSDN and TechNet, August 16, it will be able to program participants Software Assurance and Microsoft Partner Network.August 20 will be able to install the new operating system vendors Microsoft Action Pack.On September 1, the new product will be available to Volum
e Licensing customers participating in the program Software Assurance.Finally, on 26 October of Windows 8 will appear on store shelves and will be available to everyone.

Despite the fact that until Windows 8 is still in the stores a few months, Internet users can now test the new operating system on their own experience to evaluate its merits and demerits.You can completely free to download a test version of the operating system from the site of Microsoft.Versions are available in different languages, including Russian.OS is presented in the form of ISO-image, it is necessary to download and burn to a CD by using any software that can work with images - for example, Nero.You will then receive a normal installation disk from which and will be able to install a new operating system on your computer.

One of the main features of Windows 8 is a completely new interface Metro, designed for tablet users.The screen icons are large diverse set of programs that Tablet PC users will enjoy.It is possible to go to a traditional interface - though it has disappeared from the usual "Start" button.The new OS is much faster loaded on and off, which is an advantage.It will run all the software written for previous versions of the operating system.But if you are used to working with Windows 7 and you have a conventional computer with a simple non-touch-screen, it is unlikely to take the time to move to the new OS.We'll have a long time to get used to the unusual keyboard combinations and numerous small changes in the interface, with some obvious advantages of switching to a new operating system is not yet visible.In addition, the first editions of the new operating system has traditionally sin numerous errors, the bulk of which will eliminate only the next release.