you need
  • - a computer running Windows Vista;
  • - program Aida64.
easiest way to know the version of the operating system - is to look at the box for her.If you acquired Windows Vista, you on the box must be given its version.Sometimes it also included to the computer issued to a disk with an OS that is installed on it (mostly when buying a laptop).
There are also system tools that can help in this matter.Click "Start".In the list, select "All Programs", then - "Standard".They get the "command line" and start it.Then at the command prompt, type Winver.After a few seconds you will see information about your operating
system, including its version.
You can also try this method.Make click with the right mouse button on the icon "My Computer".Then, in the menu, select "Properties".This opens a window - there will be information on your operating system.
more detailed information about the operating system, you can use the program AIDA64.Download it on the internet and put it on your computer.After its installation, in some cases it may require a reboot.If there is a box asking you to restart the PC, select "Restart the computer now."
After rebooting, run the program.Within a few seconds, it will collect information about your system.Once you get to the main menu AIDA64.In her right window, select the "Operating System".A list of OS options.In this list again, select "Operating System."Then search for "Operating System Properties", and in it - the line "OS Name".Accordingly, a number written in the name of your operating system and its version.
Below are sections where you can find additional information about Vista: know your product key, license information, and many other parameters.