The new version refined and expanded the previously implemented OS capabilities, new features.All in all, this version of the operating system appeared more than two hundred new products.In particular, the increased performance of the system, and one of the most important additions to improve the security of the system.The main differences from the Mountain version 10.7 is the following opportunities.

So, a new sidebar Notification center will display all the recent actions of the computer, including remote services, including calendar events, e-mail and messages.Part of the Mountain Lion Messages program created for free communication with users of iOS-devices.Notes application allows you
to quickly and easily create any note.The user can add a reminder to the various files, images, photos.In addition, at any time, you can exchange the results with friends via e-mail.

The new version of the operating system were user-friendly assistant napominalok - Reminders and ultramodern system of information transmission on the Internet Share Sheets.For quick access to the social network or send messages or files, simply click on the button Share.

addition, the system has the ability to keep track of what the user opens the file, and what operations are performed.In the event of danger to the security of malicious computer systems and action will be blocked.

delight users and function Dictation, with which text can not type on the keyboard, as it was earlier, and voice.And the default function of Gatekeeper will be possible to download and install only reliable Apps from the official store Mac App Store.In addition, the new version allows very quickly go into Facebook, Twitter and other networks.And this is only a small part of possibilities Mountain Lion.