you need
  • - access to the Internet.
If you want to change the interface of Vista interface Windows Seven, use a special app that changes the theme.Among them, the most common - a program from the site are downloaded in a program during the installation where you will be prompted to select the settings of the future interface of your operating system.
Download one of the programs offered by this website.Note that you can customize the interface in Vista does not just Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, but also download the registration under Ubuntu and Macintosh.To do this, use the site search, and view the options for changing the appearance of the operating system.
Download the installation file to your computer.Open the "Start" menu and the list of programs, find util
ity for restoring your operating system.From the main menu of the program creating a rollback point, it is necessary in the event that you do not like the new layout, and you want to go back to the old, or if the installation Transformation Pack will cause any conflicts in the system.Quit all applications currently running and save the data.
Start the installation of the downloaded software you change the interface.Please note that this program not only converts the appearance of the operating system, but when you select a particular mode replaces the system files.Choose the most convenient option during installation.Wait for the installation program will perform the necessary actions for the conversion.
After the computer restarts note programs appeared in the startup (can see them in the list of programs through the "Start" menu).If any of them do not work or do not work consistently, remove them from startup using the context menu.