Connect to the Internet and go to the site of the manufacturer of the operating system Windows, corporations Microsot.It has a section, which houses a variety of design elements appearance of the interface - the background image for the desktop ("wallpaper"), electronic gadgets and themes for Windows 7. The relevant subsections you will find a section with a laconic name "Download."All placed therein content available for free download and installation to the operating system without any additional procedures, registration or activation.Direct link to the subsection on the themes of Wind
ows 7, is shown under this article.
The site contains a large number of topics, so to simplify the search of the home page directory placed menu, splits them into groups - "Nature", "Games", "Holidays and Seasons", etc..Besides dividing lines on the graphic artist separately allocated, which have built-in news feeds - "Dynamic themes from the RSS-channel".Using this menu, choose a desired option OS interface design.In the general list each of them represented by a small thumbnail, and additional information can be found by clicking on the link "Details".
the installation from Microsoft is very simple - click on the link "Download", and in the dialog that appears, click the download button "Open".In a previously saved file with the subject in the appropriate folder of the operating system is not necessary.OS identifies it to expand and do everything you need automatically - to replace the existing version of the new design, and place the files in the folder.