Open the directory (folder) that contains the file that you want to assign a different name.Or, enter the file name in the search box in the "Start" menu.
Highlight the file by clicking the left mouse button once.For these, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard.
Click the selected file once the left mouse button.After that, the text file name is highlighted for editing.
also select the text file name to edit by clicking on the selected file, right-click once and select from the context menu line "Rename".You can then enter a new file name.
available Erase and enter a new file name.Then press the Enter key on your keyboard or click the left mouse button on any place open window.
Change the name of the file can be and through its properties dialog.T
o do this, open the folder with the desired file.
Right-click on the selected file once.A list of possible actions on the file.
In the list that appears, click once with the left mouse button on the line of the "Properties".A dialog box with the basic settings and properties of the file.
In the window that opens, activate the tab "General".This tab displays the name, type, size of the file attached to it an application, the location of the file on disk, and more.
activated at the top of the tab, find the line with the existing file name and enter a new one.Then click successively the button "Apply" and OK.The file name is changed to a new one.