Tip 1: How can I disable autorun CDs

Auto certainly convenient.It runs pretty screensaver games, movies, but sometimes malware, viruses.

In such cases, included this feature can cost you the whole operating system.Turn off Autoplay, and then your computer will be in a particular security.At least with this source.

Go to Start, click on Run and type in the line «Regedit».

In the resulting window, locate the «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCyrrentControlSet

ServicesCDRom».Here should be setting Autorun.Set the value to 0 and forget about startup.

Tip 2: How to enable autoplay CD

An operation enable autorun possible in several ways, but none of them requires additional third-party software, though some involve a basic introductionwith the resources of the computer.
How to enable autorun CDs
Click "Start" button and navigate to select "My Computer" to perform the operation enable autorun CDs.
Call service menu the desired drive by clicking the right mouse button and select the command "Properties".
Click the "AutoPlay"
dialog box that opens, and specify the desired action upon detection of CD / DVD discs.
Return to the main "Start" menu and navigate to the item "Run" to perform an alternative operation enable autorun CDs.
Enter regedit in the "Open" and press Enter to confirm funktsionalnuyuklavishu start the tool "Registry Editor."
Expand the registry
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ cdrom
and context menu AutoRun values ​​in the left pane, click the right mouse button.
Specify item "Edit" and enter the value 1 in the value field.
Return to the main "Start" menu and navigate to the item "Run" to enable autorun another method.
Enter gpedit.msc in the "Open" and press the Enter key to confirm the launch of the tool "Group Policy Editor".
Expand "User Configuration" in the "Politics: Local Computer" and select "Administrative Templates."
Select the item "System" (for Windows Xp) or "Autoplay Policies" (for Windows Vista), and open the context menu item "Turn off Autoplay" by clicking the right mouse button.
Enter the command "Properties" and use the check box on the "Do not set."
Click OK to apply the selected changes.
Call the popup menu for the "Alternative operation startup default" by clicking the right mouse button and go to "Properties" (for Windows Vista).
Use the checkbox on the "not specified" and confirm the use of selected changes by pressing OK (only for Windows Vista).
  • Enable or disable autorun CD / DVD drives
  • BAKC restore autorun cd dvd computer


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