Tip 1: How to increase the paging file

by File swap called a special file on your hard drive, which is designed to record the parts of running programs and files that do not fit in memory.The size of this file can be customized according to your needs
Usually, the operating system controls the size of the swap file automatically.If the system warns about the lack of virtual memory, the size of the file you need to increase the force, or increase the amount of pamyati.Chtoby change the amount of the swap file open the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel."In the window that opens, click on "All Control Panel Items", then "System".Select "Advanced system settings."
window will open "System Properties".Go to the tab "Advanced".Click "Options" in the "Performance".In the window "Performance Options" select the tab "Advanced".Click the "Edit ..." in the "Virtual Memory".
In the window "Virtual Memory" uncheck "Automatically manage paging file size », then select the drive where you want to place the
swap file .In the fields "Maximum Size" and "Original Size", specify the required values ​​for the created file, and click OK.
If the swap file changes , its size has been reduced, then a window will appear telling you to reboot the system three times, click OK.The Microsoft Windows dialog box, click "Restart Now."

Tip 2: How to increase the paging file Vista

Increasing the size of the swap file (svop- file , swap file) may be required when a system message about insufficient memory errors and application.Resheniem problem can be manually change the default file size swap .
How to increase the paging file Vista
Click "Start" to enter the main menu system, and navigate to select "Control Panel" to perform the operation to increase file swap in WindowsVista.
link Open "System" and select the option "Advanced system settings" in the list of the left side of the application window.
Click the "Advanced" tab of the dialog box "System Properties" and select "Options" in the "Performance".
Click the "Advanced" tab of the new dialog "Performance Options" and select the item "Change" in line "virtual memory."
Specify selected for placement file swap drive in the "Drive" the next dialog box "Virtual Memory" and use the check box on the "Custom size" to select the desired amount of the initial and maximum size File swap manually.
Enter the required size of the original value and the maximum amount of virtual memory file swap and click OK to apply the selected changes.The recommended size is considered to be equal to the task of initial and maximum volume file .
Select "Size of system selection" to automatically detect the size of the file svop- check or apply on the field, "Without file swap » to cancel the operation of the selected function.
Click "Set" to complete the process of editing the file size swap and confirm by pressing OK.
again press the OK button to execute the command and confirm the use of selected changes to the next by pressing OK.
Helpful Hint
recommended the transfer of the paging file from the drive that contains the operating system of the computer to another hard disk.
  • Windows: how to optimize the paging file?
must be remembered that for a significant increase in the speed of the system, it is desirable to increase the amount of RAM.

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, it is not recommended to disable the swap file, the system will constantly warn about the lack of virtual memory.


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