Feature RTOS

as the operating system in real-time using a program that performs the task of strictly defined period of time.The real time system requires accurate results within the specified period of time.Such real-time systems embedded in microwave ovens, washing machines, digital cameras, cell phones.

For example, the human brain works on the principle of the operating system in real time.Real-Time Operating Systems are used in medical diagnostic systems, airline reservation systems, telecommunication systems, control systems, weapons of war, and in many other areas.

Types RTOS

real time operating system are divided into hard and soft.Hard rea
l-time system is required to perform the task at the specified time.Tasks to be completed during the term, otherwise the real-time system may cause significant material or physical damage.

Examples of such systems are real-time, such as military installations, controlling complex systems of missiles.Another example may be a flight control system of air transport.Also, these systems work in hospitals - this hardware systems for health monitoring.

to soft real-time systems are cases where violation of terms of tasks leads to unpleasant but acceptable consequences.Soft real-time system does not guarantee that the task or the work will be completed within a certain period of time.The system reschedules and quits, if the process is not completed in time.Soft real-time systems used in multimedia environments.For example, if the DVD-player is unable to process a frame of video, you can continue watching the video.

in multitasking systems, real-time operating system must assign priority to real-time tasks compared to other tasks and keep it until they are met.
one of the operating systems, including the soft real-time system is the operating system Linux.

real-time operating system designed to meet all aspects of real life.This operating system is based on two main principles.The first is that the process must focus on programmed events, so that the task can be scheduled and processed depending on their priority.The second principle relates to the execution time to the process of solving the problem was to strictly specified time.