Design and Graphics good old "seven" is very different from previous versions of the operatingsystem.With the recently released Windows 8 is, of course, does not compare, but many users are accustomed to the fact that all programs are always at hand, including the "Start" button.In the new version it is placed outside the main screen, which is not always convenient.
In Windows 7, there is no need to install additional drivers.They all have in packet unit.By the way, Windows 8 can not boast of such a.Some still have to be installed separately.The "seven" everything works right, no matter which device you are going to connect: the mouse, keyboard, flash drive, speakers, or a mobile phone.
For those whose monitor is equipped with
Multi-touch, no need to install Windows 8. ¬ęSeven" perfectly supports the work of your fingers, no matter where it stands: on the home PC, or on a laptop.None of the previous version of the Microsoft operating system does not support this feature.
Administration - easily and in a few clicks.No matter how good of you the user can quickly deal with all the opportunities offered by the operating system.Windows 7 built-in help system that without access to the Internet tells us how and what is done.Repair any problem has never been so easy - follow the steps that tells the system to correct the error.
Another distinctive feature of Windows 7 - the ability to quickly upgrade to the new version.It is enough to buy and install from Microsoft's website a new version of the operating system via the Internet.Then the system will do everything for you.
Windows 7 - Best Operating System for corporate use.Firstly, previous versions do not have such an extended functionality.Secondly, the new Win8 not yet fully matured, not only optimized for the whole company.The "seven" simple and intuitive to each interface that requires no training from scratch.Ability to work to multiple people with the same file - a godsend for office employees.
Simplicity and convenience.For those who have not yet matured to the different applications and a completely new interface, like Win8, can not be a better choice than Windows 7. Fast performance, reducing the burden on memory, the ability to swap from a flash device, familiar interface and beautiful design- tangible benefits OS.