Increase the total amount of RAM on your computer.The minimum amount of memory for Windows, according to the developer, is 512 megabytes.However, the speed of the computer will be very low.Buy and install the 2 gigabytes of memory for optimal results.Even though an increase to 1GB significantly add speed Vista.
Use the download and accelerate the system ReadyBoost.Plug the flash drive into any USB-port of the computer, select "Use for ReadyBoost» and follow the wizard.As a result, users whose computers contain a small amount of RAM, will receive an additional increase in
speed as USB flash drive will be used in conjunction with RAM.Note that the flash drive must be at least 2 gigabytes, and his writing speed depends on the percentage of the acceleration system.That is, if you write to the drive a couple of pictures for 20 minutes, then do not expect improve Vista from a flash drive.
Turn off as much as possible the effects of registration.Translucent windows and beautiful wallpaper for your desktop, of course, pleasing to the eye.At the same time, they require more resources of a computer, and therefore, reduce the speed of Vista.Right-click on the icon "Computer" and select "Properties".Click the link "Advanced System Settings" and select the tab "Advanced".
Click "Options" in the "Performance".This opens a window where, select "Adjust for best performance".Confirm the change by pressing the "Apply" and OK.A few minutes later clearance will be easier and significantly improve performance.Turn off your desktop wallpaper, replace the monotonous background - it also releases several megabytes of memory that affect the overall performance of your computer.
Provide enough free space on your hard disk.Remove unnecessary files from logical drives.For a good operation of the system must be about three gigabytes of disk space on the system, plus the same amount for each of the other sections.This is due to the placement of temporary information and data on on-going programs.So, very often improve the performance of Vista by clearing disk C :.When it little space, the system is very slow and unstable.
disable automatic launch of additional applications.Many programs without the user being added to the startup list, because of which increases the overall boot time and slow down your computer as a whole.
To do this, press the "Start" menu, click "Run" and type the command msconfig.This opens a window in which to select the tab "Startup" and uncheck the program names that are familiar to you and are not necessary.For example, a mail client, messaging, music player and many others can be run manually as needed and improve the performance of Vista this simple way.Remember that unknown to you the program is better not to remove from startup to not make things worse.Click "Apply" and restart your computer to apply settings.