Features OS

Mac operating system leader in the field of energy saving.The devices under its control to consume several times less energy than similar Soup running other operating systems.

should be noted that even after several days of continuous operation without rebooting there are no signs of slowing down of the system or any disruptions.Search Mac system called Spotlight is much more convenient to use and search for files faster than similar programs on other operating systems.

actually run a support group

Apple is constantly improving its own operating system, including at the request of users, aimed at technical support.In addition, the service "Help" in Mac OS not only to identify problems but also translate the user's need to solve the problem space.

protected from viruses

devices running Mac OS, safer devices running other operating systems.In Mac OS, the system was initially set up in such a way as to provide protection from threats that affect other operating systems.Of course, a certain risk of viruses in takes place, but under Mac OS such risk is minimized.

beauty of design and ease of interface

all applications, widgets, applications, and other components of the system are made in the corporate design of Apple, which creates an atmosphere of continuity.When working under Mac OS users are not at risk to stumble upon a strange, alyapisto painted design of the new program.Moreover, many of the program under Mac OS can be connected with each other and with the system itself, which speeds up the user experience.

All applications and widgets for Mac OS made in such a way that the user does not have to think about his every action.This approach significantly increases the comfort and speed of the user.

No need to upgrade the computer

computers from Apple is very strong both in terms of "hardware", and in terms of optimization of the supplied software.The owner of a modern computer Apple's no need to worry about the upcoming upgrade, becausethey are quite a long time outdated.An important fact is that Apple produces and the equipment and software, which, in turn, ensures maximum optimization.