Tip 1: How to find the registry

Standard tools included into distributive Windows, allows the user to view and edit entries in the system registry computer.Chief among them is the "Registry Editor ».
Click "Start" to enter the main menu system and go to "Run."
Enter regedit in the "Open" and press Enter to enter the "Registry Editor ».
Expand the tree structure registry by clicking on the "+" next to the selected folder to view or edit the registry values ​​ .
Use double-click on the selected item in the right part of the window "Registry Editor » to call the dialog box "Edit String" to edit the registry values ​​ .
Use right mouse click on the selected variable to call the service menu, you can deploy to create new, rename or delete the desired parameter
Use the main menu RegEdit, located at the topof the application window.
Define the desired action, and use the items under "Register" to
- opening local registry ;
- complete the current registry ;
- load specified on the drive bush registry for further editing;
- upload the selected bush;
- restore previously saved copies;
- save the selected partition to a file;
- to connect to a remote computer
- printing branch registry ;
- select the printer;
- save registry branch as text;
- exit.
Define the desired action and use the section of the "Edit" for
- add section;
- add a parameter of this type in a dedicated section;
- delete the selected object.
Define the desired action and use the section of the "structure" for
- deployment of a dedicated sub-section without disclosure;
- opening a dedicated section with all subsections;
- disclosure of all sections of the active field;
- the convolution of the selected partition.
Define the desired action and use the section of the "View" for
- control the appearance of the registry editor ;
- sizing fields of the active window;
- O binary data;
- updates all open windows;
- update only the active window;
- search of that section in the active window.
Define the desired action and use the section of the "Security" to set the access permissions list.
Define the desired action and use the section of the "Parameters" for
- select the font used;
- enable automatic content updates open windows;
- off saving changes registry ;
- confirm the deletion;
- save the settings editor when closing the application.

Tip 2: How to find a program in the registry

Sometimes you need to remove the newly installed program , but when searching for the uninstaller of this file can not be.In this case, it is recommended to delete the program files and clean the registry system.
How to find a program in the registry
you need
  • software Regedit.
Regedit - it's built into the operating system registry editor.The name is an abbreviation of the phrase Registry edit.This program serves to organize all the registry keys, they create, and delete.When you remove the program you need to clean the registry of unnecessary keys that were previously used by the operating system.
Before you edit the registry files you want to remove the program folder.Open the directory Program Files, select a folder and press the Delete key to move to the "shopping cart" or Shift + Delete to completely remove the hard disk.
Now go to the Registry Editor.Click "Start" menu and select "Run" or press the key combination Win + R. In the window that opens, move the focus cursor on an empty field and then type regedit, and then press Enter.
It is said that the editing of the registry files rookie - is a dangerous business, so it's best to back up.Click the top menu "File" and select "Export".In the window that opens, check the box next to the line "All the registry", enter the file name and click "Save".
Export Registry files can be performed via command line.Run command line is usually done through the "Start" menu, see "Standard programs".In the window you must enter the command regedit / E d: export.reg and press Enter.This command, you copy the registry file to the root directory export.reg disk «D:».
To search for keys left by the program, you must press the top "Edit" menu and select "Find".In the window that appears, type the name of the program or company, which is engaged in its dissemination.Press Enter or the F2 key to start the search operation.
Found keys can be removed by highlighting and press Delete.Then you need to close the Registry Editor and restart your computer.Now your computer is clean from the remote program.
Incorrect changes to the registry can lead to the need to reinstall your computer's operating system.
Helpful Hint
Use the free RegMon utility to determine where to store program settings in the registry.
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