you need
  • Photoshop, SLR digital camera with manual exposure control and the ability to shoot in raw-format, raw-converter.
The first thing to make a few shots with different exposures (at least three shots).The camera should be well fixed, it is better to use a heavy tripod.The pictures must be similar in composition, but different in exposure from very dark to very bright.
Another option - to make one picture format raw.Then, in the raw-converter from this image to create a 3 photos .One photo with medium exposure and contrast.The second should be darker than the firs
t so that all the lighted places became clearly visible and acquired color.The third picture should be much lighter than the first so that failures in the shadows ceased to be a failure and have acquired the texture and color.
Regardless of how you got your pictures, open them in Photoshop all in one document.Each photo must be placed on a separate layer.You should have three layers: light, medium and dark.Create masks for all three layers.For a layer with an average exposure of the mask should be white, while the other two - black.
white brush on the mask layer Draw a dark sky and the places to be darker.Adjust the softness and opacity of the brush.The sharp edges of the photo spoil and make all your obvious and gross manipulation.The work is very laborious.Creating volume and saturating the color image, you may have to pore over the most minute details.
similar work has been done on the mask and a light layer.Clear up all the dark areas to avoid failures.If you treat someone's portrait, then this technique will help you make the face more three-dimensional shadows and highlight where you need it.