you need
  • - speaker wires.
Read and understand your sound card, or rather its outputs.Count the number of matching the number of columns.If you have an additional subwoofer output, any problems should arise, however, if it does not exist, you would have to disable a couple of speakers.At the same time it is best to turn off the side, but this is left to your discretion.It is best to turn to check every one of them and choose the best option combinations.
If your sound card the number of outputs equal to or greater than the number of columns with the active subwoofer, and on it there is a connector to connect it, connect the speakers to the special speaker wires, secure them to the special terminals.Attach the other ends of the wires to the main unit speaker syste
m, usually mounted on the rear panel using the same terminal.
Connect the speakers to the connectors on your sound card by connecting the main unit to the corresponding speaker outputs using wires with jack-connectors.Connect a powered subwoofer to the special connector on the sound card.
If your sound card does not have a special connector for connecting a subwoofer, complete the connection of the speaker system on the same principle as in the previous paragraph, only the subwoofer, connect with special wires instead of two columns.If you do not have enough connectors for all devices, reduce the number of output devices.
If you've never connected a speaker system, leave this matter knowledgeable person and read the sequence wiring.If such a person is not in your environment, get detailed instructions on connecting it to the acoustics of your sound card.