you need
  • System utility MSConfig.
If you load the Startup list, and view all the elements contained in it, you'll find some s programs, which do not necessarily run at the start of the operating system.These programs am include: any players, tools update flash-application supplement to the browser, and some programs am detectors connected devices, etc.Consequently, more than half the startup of the operating system that is installed on the computer more than six months, you can safely delete.
To remove unnecessary startup items, you can use programs nym software, which is responsible for displaying your system startup list.Now these programs there are many.There s programs are free, but there is pay.These two categories are not very different functionality programs s.In order to familiarize yourself with the fact that such programs lot, enter in any search engine the phrase "Startup Manager".
To edit the startup list are not necessarily to download specialized software have.Any user will fit system utility MSConfig.It is part of the operating system Windows.Run it in the following ways: Click "Start" menu - click "Run" - enter Ā«msconfigĀ».
main window appears programs s.Click on the tab "Startup".In this tab, you will see a list of programs , which started with the launch of the operating system.Deselect items programs , you do not want to download.Click "Apply".
window programs s disappear.A new dialog box with the message that the changes will only take effect a restart.You have 2 choices:
- restart (currently enjoy fast loading of the operating system);
- exit without rebooting (aside).