Tip 1: How to install a new motherboard

motherboard is the foundation of every PC.It shall be connected to all the parts, and therefore, the procedure for its installation is required to approach the most responsible way.
Proper selection and installation of the motherboard - the key to the success of the personal computer.The procedure itself is installing a new motherboard takes a few minutes, but it must be done carefully and cautiously as possible.

preliminary steps

To start you want to remove the system cover and open the computer case.As a result, there is full access to the tray to accommodate the motherboard.For convenience, you can remove the panel for the motherboard out of the computer.This will without problems and without having to work in an uncomfortable position to set the device into the slot.Unfortunately, not all system blocks this panel can be removed.If it is, you will need a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws and remove it.It takes note that installing a new motherboard usually involves assembling a brand ne
w computer.If you improve the old, then the need to reinstall the operating system and is completely format your hard disk by saving all the important information.

Safety and recent steps

In order to protect yourself when working on the inside of the computer is required to discharge electrostatic discharge that you may have, simply by touching the tap water.It is advisable when working with the inside of the computer to wear an antistatic wrist strap, so as not to harm the equipment.

First of all, you must replace the connector panel to the rear of the system unit.The new panel comes with the motherboard, so the need for the search and buying disappears.It wanted to make sure that the panel is set correctly (to compare with the connectors on the motherboard).To install a new pressure should be on all four corners of the panel to tightly install it in the housing.In addition, complete with motherboard should go to special racks, which are also desirable to set.

Next motherboard is mounted on the rack.The holes on the board and the rack should be aligned with respect to each other.Then you can fasten the bolts.Keep in mind that too much they do not need to twist and attach the motherboard is not desirable electric screwdriver.Holes, which have a metal part is required to cover cardboard washers, bolts to separate from the board.Then you are ready to connect and install the various components.

Tip 2: How to install a sound card

Sound card - a device that allows you to play sounds on your computer.As a rule, modern motherboards have an integrated sound card.It uses the resources of RAM and CPU.However, if a device fails or you decide that the sound quality does not suit you, try to install a separate sound card.
How to install a sound card
you need
  • Sound Card Driver, internet access, Phillips screwdriver
If you do not have drivers for your sound card, readwhat it says - the name and manufacturers.Record this information.

Unplug the power cord of the system unit from the power supply.If the computer is connected to the external audio device - Speakers, headphones, a microphone - disconnect them.Remove the screws that hold the side panel of the system unit, and remove the panel.
If your motherboard has a sound card, remove the screw with which it is held, and pull the card out of the slot.If you used only the integrated sound card, next to the slot where you plan to install a new device Okrut screws and remove the metal strip covering the opening on the back of the chassis.
Insert the card into the slot firmly, until it stops and secure it with a screw.Replace the side panel, tighten the screws.Take a good look as they should attach an external device: their plugs and appropriate connectors or a sound card marked with the same color, or the connectors on the card there is a schematic representation of the external devices.
Connect the computer to a power source, press the Power.If the motherboard of your computer has a built-in sound card, it must be disabled in the settings BIOS (Basic In-Out System).Watch out for messages that appear on the screen after the initial download.You will see something similar to the Press Delete to Setup.Press the key whose name you read, and go into the settings BIOS.The menu items, find the option that determines the status of integrated devices.Perhaps it will be called OnBoard or Integrated.Set the Audio Device in state Disable.Press F10, to save the settings and exit BIOS.Booting will continue.
If your computer is running OS Windows, the system will detect the new device and will attempt to find a driver for it.If the driver is recorded on an optical disk, insert it into the drive and select the source where you will be prompted by the system.If you do not have the driver, visit the manufacturer's website and download the necessary software from there on your hard drive.When the system asks you to specify the path to the driver, click on the button "Browse" and select the location on your hard drive where the driver is.
installation and removal of new devices on the motherboard produce by unplugging the electrical cable from the power supply.


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