Maximum resolution video and photography - is one of the main criteria on which you should pay attention when buying a web camera .Also do not forget that the higher the resolution video, the greater the speed of the Internet will need to send it.And if speed is not enough, your partner will see all jerks and delays.To adjust the resolution will need the firmware that is supplied with a web-cam.Find the drive and install the drivers for web camera .Together with them, should be established and proprieta
ry software to work with the camera.If the program is not established, you can download it from the official site of the manufacturer.
Start and scroll to "Settings."Then look at all the tabs and menu items.In some of them can be customized resolution videos and photos.If your webcam supports HD (720p) or FullHD (1080p) resolution , and the speed of the internet more than 1 mbaytsek., You can select some of them.Otherwise, better to choose 480p or 360p.The quality will certainly be worse, but your partner will see all without delay.Since the last version, Skype supports FullHD resolution , which will transmit higher quality video.Also in the original program has the ability to adjust gamma, brightness, contrast and other settings for better shooting.
If your camera does not require any driver installation and complete missing disk, resolution can be changed by software.For example, take the free program ManyCam.With it you can customize not only resolution , but also apply very interesting effects: hats, glasses, eyebrows, noses, and so on.Effects are superimposed in real time, move your head, and the program automatically detects the position of the head and applies effect.Pleasant to use!