new niche in the production

At his first appearance X7 gaming mouse made significant changes in the market.The company decided to issue units of the series, based on the fact that few manufacturers give serious consideration to a narrow field of computer hardware for gamers.Due to its special qualification in the field of innovation organization managed in a relatively short period of time to discover the most important product quality and bring your niche products to the masses.One of the first companies to manufacture devices for computers, pay attention to this interesting and difficult task, was the company A4Tech.

distinctive features

should mention the fact that the demands of people who are actively addicted to computer games, to the mouse to a large extent different from ordinary users.Because of the need for
response and constant manipulation in many computer games it became obvious fact that the possibility of devices for gamers to exceed the characteristics of ordinary devices.That is why over time on the body of mice began to appear X7 additional function keys that allow, for example, to make a few clicks in a row with just one click.

important to clarify that such a feature is present only in mice A4Tech products and is a kind of hallmark of the other versions.In addition, each device of the series is pleasant and comfortable in the hand thanks to its design and materials.This quality is important, because it is very important for gamers to play in the process of the hand does not get tired and the mouse does not slip.Therefore, the different variations of this product is still possible to identify the main features in common.These include increased rear end to the gamer hand not hung and does not slow down the movement, weighting for a smooth stroke, as well as a unique form through which you can move the mouse X7, applying a minimum of effort.

important characteristic is the increased durability of these devices, allowing them to withstand 8 million keystrokes, it is enough for the computer players.Part of electronics devices of this series comes from the Japanese company, whose products have gained respect for their reliability.

Thus, the computer mouse series X7 has a comfortable design and functionality.But, even given the fact that these Soup designed for people interested in the world of computer games, mouse X7 will like any ordinary user.