programmers - people who are choosing a mobile and powerful device to work.Most often they have to work not only at home or in the office, and while traveling.Naturally, the desktop computer for this kind of training will not work, so they chose a laptop.As is well known, does not always have good laptops "iron", but in any case, almost everyone can find exactly what he needs.

How to choose a laptop?

Firstly, the programmer need to pay attention to the size of a laptop, on its diagonal.Naturally, the 15-inch device will be most cumbersome and managed with "giant", for example, during the trip will be just uncomfortable.The best option - 13 "laptop, even though it is for some may seem too large.

In addition, the weight of the laptop, in this case, too, plays an important role. Wearing the device that will weigh 2.5 and mo
re weight will be quite difficult (especially ifhave to travel long distances from home to work.) Therefore, it is best to choose a computer weighing less than 1.5 kilograms.

course, do not forget about the used components and the Internet. Of course, in each model, these parameters will be different, but perhaps everyoneprogrammer defines them independently (depending on the tasks that it needs to be addressed.) In addition, the laptop has to hold a charge even for 4 hours, and buy less for the programmer simply does not make sense.


Undersuch requests perfect three notebooks. It: HP ProBook 4310 (Weight: 2 kg graphics card: HD 4330, while working without charging: 4 hours Processor: C2D 2Ghz-2.5Ghz), Acer Timeline / TravelTime 3810 (Weight: 1.65kg, graphics card: HD 4330, while working without charging: 8 hours Processor: C2D 1.4Ghz) and ASUS UL30VT (weight: 1.5 kg card: GF 210 hours without power: 8 hours Processor: C2D 1.3 (1.7)Ghz).Each of these laptops cost around 30-thousand, but which of them is best to choose?

by weight, and the video card is inferior to the first laptop.Its main advantage is the only processor, so that we can assume that it is just "eliminated."As for the second option, this notebook has only one drawback - the integrated graphics, which at the same time the quality inferior to the latter computer.

As a result, there is one - ASUS UL30VT.This computer - pretty easy (compared to others), without charge, he is able to work for 8 hours, and its graphics card and processor allow you to run some modern games and a variety of graphical applications, demanding on system resources.Of course, everyone determines the most important parameters for the laptop and one makes the final choice, but perhaps this option is best for most programmers.