you need
  • - program to work with hard disk.
Formatting can be done both through the operating system, and with the help of special programs.In some cases, formatting is only possible with special applications, such as a system disk to be formatted in the operating system Windows.Accordingly, before formatting need to determine over how hard disk partition operation is performed.
If the "My Computer" is displayed only one hard drive, it is the system default.In this case, you can only format it using a special program.If the folder "My Computer" displays multiple hard disks, you must d
etermine which one is the system and how to format.System disk usually has the letter "C" and is called the "Local Disk C '.At the entrance to the system drive, you'll find folders named: «Program Files» and «Windows».This section is your operating system itself, and it can not be formatted.
If you need to format the system partition is not the hard drive.In the "My Computer" on the right section, click the right mouse button pop-up menu at the bottom, choose the option "Format ...".In the resulting window, you can select the type of format: short or long.Full format takes much longer, but if you select this item, the system automatically checks the hard disk partition on the integrity and try to recover the damaged clusters.When "quick format" on the disk will be removed only sector, which stores information about files and folders.In addition to the type of formatting you can select the size of the cluster.This parameter depends on efficient use of disk space.Very small cluster size increases the efficiency of the use of space, but slightly slows down access to the files and makes it impossible to disk defragmentation defragmenter built using Windows.Too big cluster size significantly increase the speed of access to files, but does not allow the best use of space.The optimum size of the cluster - 4K or 16K.Also, you can change the drive letter.After selecting the desired settings, press "Start".After completion of the process, a window will appear, telling you that formatting is complete.
If you need to format the system drive.You need to download and install on your computer program to work with hard drives, for example, Acronis Disk Director Home.In the window, you will see a list of all your hard drives and partitions.From above they are displayed in a list, which shows: the type, capacity, and file system activity.And from the bottom - in graphical form, with a clear display of used and free space.Click on the desired profile once left mouse button.On the left menu will be operations that are available for this volume.Among them, select "Format."In the window that appears, as described in the previous step, select the cluster size and volume letter.In addition it is necessary to select a file system.Recommended «NTFS».After selecting the desired settings, click "OK".Next, apply the operation.In the upper left corner of the main window, click "Apply the planned operation."In the window that opens, click continue.After some time, the program window will appear with notification that all transactions are completed.Click "OK".With this method, you can format any hard drive partition on your computer.