browser (software for viewing web pages) are usually available by default in every operating system on the computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone.But experienced users may prefer to use a browser installed by default as a subsidiary and another major to do.

On the laptop you'll find most of Windows, which already have Internet Explorer.You should not believe the advertising promises of the manufacturer, which tells that IE quickly and safely.Most system administrators find it, first of all, just very unsafe, so you should pay attention to the browsers Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

is difficult to unequivocally praise or criticize any of the listed browsers.For example, Opera is valued by users of mobile devices, and Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome owners of

laptops and computers.Each of these browsers has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should try to use each and choose the most comfortable.Perhaps you can advise only one thing - if you are interested browsing speed and safety, start the study of this group of programs, Opera, Google Chrome, if needed development tool that can be configured for themselves, the best choice is Mozilla Firefox.But ordinary users should use the browser extension.The first is to draw attention to the plug-ins, ad blocking, which filled most of the web pages.Using this add-acquainted with the information found much easier and more comfortable.This is especially important for owners of laptops and netbooks, if you need to go to a network in a public place, because if the opening pages of the site does not load a lot of animated banners, the process of opening is much faster.

Helpful Hint: update your browser as updates are released for it, otherwise the likelihood of catching the virus greatly increased.

Of course, in addition to the above there are other browsers, but, in my view, is to start with Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.About the rest I will tell later.

And for clarity, funny picture, which generally reflects the opinion of most competent users:

What browser is best to use on a laptop running Windows?

For reference: addition to the above-mentioned browsers, many users are actively using the browser, which is "made" Yandex, but we must remember that it isjust a little bit redesigned Chrome, as well as Opera, which has recently also been made based on it.