Open the Home screen by pressing Win and start typing Netplwiz."User Accounts" - a special program for Windows 8.1, helping to set up user accounts and the level of security at the entrance.In particular, the application will allow to transfer the computer to the server where to start entering the account you need to press the keys Ctrl-Alt-Del.
uncheck the item "must enter a user name and password."Remember the high importance of the decision.Yes, once we have removed the issue.It will save us time
and hassle.But now when you press the power button, anyone can access without a password to your computer.Only one account can be used to enter when you turn on your computer or laptop running Windows 8.1.
After removing jackdaw from a position of "Require password ..." prompted to specify the password, under which you currently log in.It is necessary that you are sure to have confirmed their confidence in the removal of password verification when you start Windows.
When you start your computer from this point the system will immediately carry out the entrance into your account, as in the good old days of Windows 95 and XP.