To start working with a laptop should not operate it at a minimum charge, which had in the battery when buying.The battery should be charged completely and only then start operation.To make the battery last longer, you must correctly choose the desired power scheme.To do this, you need to select the maximum power saving sleep mode and adjust.
On battery life may also affect proper installation laptop .It must stand on a firm and level surface, away from heaters, ventilation openings must be free.This will help to reduce energy consumption for the operation of various engine cooling system.The lower the air in the room the more will the battery.
also helps conserve battery power and disable unnecessary modules and applications that are not used in the work, such as W
i-Fi.It should be remembered that a significant contribution to make to the load computer USB-devices, whose number should be reduced to the minimum necessary.
Without a doubt one of the key elements of energy laptop a matrix of the monitor.To save battery power, adjust the monitor to minimum brightness.Also it helps save battery and reducing the volume of the speakers.
Reduction of operating an optical drive is also an effective impact on the economy of the charge because it is available in an electric motor is an active consumer of electricity.To remove load from the optical drive to be sure that there were no drives are not used in the work.
It should be remembered that the duration of the battery life of laptop depends on the number of charging cycles of the battery.When connected to the network charging is done automatically, so if the operation is conducted laptop workplace with a constant connection to the network, the rechargeable battery be removed.