Why a reader, if you can connect the camera to the computer or the phone cable?Its the right time may not be on hand.When connecting with wires can require drivers, and if there are compatibility issues, files copy fail.Furthermore, when using a card reader data rate is higher than the cable.

external reader

External card reader is useful to those who have to use other people's computers, where such a device may not be.For example, this may be true for photographers who sometimes need to copy pictures to the computer of the client.External reader can just wear in a bag with other equipment.

If you have more than one computer at home, you can save money by buying instead of two or three built-in devices one external.An external reader and laptop owners, not manned card reader.

external card reader is go
od in situations where there is no possibility to establish a built - for example, all the slots on the front panel of the system unit is already occupied by other devices.It takes up little space, so if necessary you can carry.But the compactness and mobility have the disadvantage - a gadget you can lose or forget the customer.

External Card Reader is not always convenient to use.For example, the computer may not work or may not be the USB ports on the front panel.In such a case would have to crawl under the table, at the risk of getting dirty in the dust and hit the corner of the furniture, and feel free to look for the connector.

The smaller the size of a card reader, the modest list of formats that it can work.If you care compact device, check with the seller before buying, whether the gadget memory cards that you plan to use.

Built-in card reader

Built-in card readers are good because they do not take up extra space.They are located in the PC, they do not protrude beyond it and do not require messing around with wires.Installation and connection will take only a few minutes, after which the device is always ready for use.

external devices connected to a PC, have the wire.This often leads to ugly tangle of cables that strive to intertwine with each other.In addition, the risk of damage to the device or the computer itself, because the external gadgets may be dropped, tripping over their wires.The embedded reader they are inside the system unit.

External card reader at the right time may not be on hand, and embedded device will not be lost.On the other hand, it is difficult to take with you to connect to another computer.Furthermore, it requires dismantling the chassis.

Built-card reader easier to use due to its size.Manufacturers do not need to save space, so each type has its own memory card slot.In external devices often make one universal port for multiple card formats.Sometimes it complicates the use and requires the use of adapters.