you need
  • - Tester;
  • - Oscilloscope;
  • - working hard drive.
Connect the hard drive to a separate power supply and make it the primary diagnosis.When the power is turned on for about seven seconds, you should hear the sound characteristic of the unwinding spindle device, and then be followed by a click that says the withdrawal of the head with a parking space.After that, you should hear a characteristic crack that will tell you that at the moment there is a process of recalibration.
Listen.If during power hard drive, you will hear the sound of a periodic, which means that the drive can not read information from the disc surface.So you need to fix the screw.This can be triggered by the sound of faults in the HDA, or any breakdown in the
electronics board.
to fix the screw, install it serviceable electronics board from the hard drive of the same model, which uses the same firmware version.If as a result of these actions knocking stopped, but the hard drive does not work, then keep looking fault.It can be in the switch HDA.
Check how well soldered spindle motor control chip.If there is such a need, it resolder.Could there be such a situation as a result of prolonged heat this circuit has failed.In such a case, to repair the hard drive, replace it with a serviceable.Sometimes during the checks may be damaged and the power supply.This indicates that there was a breakdown in the hard disk of the protective diode 12 tivoltnoy chain.

rang this circuit tester.You can remove the diode and re-use the hard drive, but in this case reliable operation can not be guaranteed.Replace with a new diode.First of all, the repair of the screw in the home try not to make things worse than it was.If you do not believe in their own abilities, it is better to give the screw in the service center.