you need
  • - brush
  • - Screwdriver
  • - hair dryer
  • - User
  • - cleaner
most important thing you need to know - Net laptopown is very simple.It is only necessary to remember that you are unscrewed, and be careful.First, get the instruction from the laptop, it can be a paper version or a detailed description on the Internet.Because of the instructions you can learn how to disassemble your laptop.Parses it according to instructions, all the little bolts put in a small box or tray, to make sure we do not lose them.
Once you disassemble the notebook, inspect it carefully inside.Under no circumstances do not touch the motherboard.Dust blown from it with a vacuum cleaner or a balloon with air.Do not use rags, toothbrushes or fleece.They leave the
scraps, which can cause a short circuit and a toothbrush may damage the track.
main places where you can find dust - fans and radiators.The latter are particularly vulnerable edges, in which clogged dust clumps intact.They need to be removed with a hair dryer, brushes and needles.After cleaning the radiator cover it means the accumulation of dust, but it is in any case should not go to the motherboard.
Fans usually disconnected, it allows for better cleaning.It is necessary to clean the blade and the near space.Axis fans engine is lubricated with silicone grease or oil, it increases the service life.Clean the windows and ventilation, they also often accumulate dust.
After that collect the laptop according to the instructions.Do not press too hard when installing parts in their place, so as not to damage the fragile Circuits.By bringing a laptop, plug it in and test.The familiar noise should disappear, and accelerate the work of the unit.
If you are afraid to disassemble the laptop, take a vacuum cleaner, set it to blow, wear very thin nozzle and blow on each side of the laptop.Be particularly careful to treat the vent window and keyboard.On the whole procedure will take several minutes, it will improve the state of the laptop, but it is better to conduct a complete cleaning.