you need
  • - laptop.
If the notebook is on, press the reset button.If turned off, press the power button.Be ready to immediately press the function key that launches the graphic presentation mode BIOS.As a rule, many laptop's key key to enter the BIOS is the button DEL, or some may have written the full name DELETE.
bottom of the screen (usually the left) indicates pressing a button will enter the BIOS.If you do not have time to read the labels, press Ctrl + Alt + Del and watch again.After the appearance of the launch window (usually the manufacturer's logo or a picture laptop ) press the enter the BIOS - for example, F2.Pushing to a few times, not to
miss the moment.
To exit BIOS, press F10 - if you want to save the changes you make and start or Esc - if you want to undo the changes - and input.Be careful when changing important parameters related to the power supply voltage and frequency of the processor and system bus.Incorrect settings may result in damage to the computer.
Modern laptop's graphical representation mode BIOS can be completely different: the standard blue-gray with a coarse representation of the letters, and stingy management, and can be fully modified by the modern user with the mouse.Maybe just change the interface, or a different version of the system.
However, it should be noted that some users with the independent work with the system have been numerous mistakes due to ignorance of the principles of work.If you are not sure that will be able to configure the system BIOS, please contact a specialized center, where in a few minutes you will make all the necessary settings, even hold some advice on working with your computer.