you need
  • notebook, RAM, screwdriver
immediately determine the type of memory that is needed for a laptop.Take it should be the operational memory , which is suitable to the interface connection on your laptop .The fact that the notebook has a lot of different options for contacts memory.There are micro-DIMM, SO-DIMM, and other variations.Simply write down all the characteristics of memory and take with you to the store.Either bring your manual with technical specifications.There you will pick up memory under your interface connection.You just need to determine the capacity of memory strip.
If you can afford better take more RAM, as this will not only increase the speed of t
he laptop, but also extend the life offline.The more memory installed on the laptop , the less work the paging file from the hard disk, and therefore, the battery lasts longer.
Now that you have decided and purchased the operational memory , begin the replacement process.The process is very quick and easy.Put the laptop front panel down.It is desirable to put on something soft, as in the process of unwinding the screw front panel will be pressed.
RAM compartment is in the middle of the body, from the bottom on the back of the notebook.Remove the screw that secures the cover which covers access to the notebook's memory.Remove the cover.Now carefully remove the memory module.Install the new memory modules.We must act carefully.The module should go smoothly.Set memory wrong is impossible.If you feel that memory does not come into contact, do not push, try to slightly change the position of the memory strip.Which side you need to insert the memory operational , clearly visible on the location of contacts.So it should not be mistaken.After installing the screw cover back.