usually need to evaluate the cost of the laptop there for those people who buy it with the hands.Perhaps aware that the laptop - a high-tech tool that has many different options, and if any of them fails, the laptop will no longer work properly.In this regard, before buying you need to pay attention to every aspect of that is not subsequently regret the deal.


first step is to evaluate the appearance of the device.When seen on the notebook chips, cracks and scratches, it is best to opt out of the purchase of the computer.This is directly related to the fact that if the look of the notebook is poor, so he was treated improperly, and this, in turn, may be the cause of failure and the occurrence of various malfunctions of components of the computer.

Age computer

course, do not forget about the age of the computer.If you use a laptop more than two years, i
ts final cost can not exceed half of the original amount.Naturally, it is best to know the initial cost of a particular model, and already then interested in the age and draw their own conclusions based on the information (for example, to find out its real price).


Of course, forget the accessories, too, are not worth it, because it depends on them how well will run a variety of applications, games, etc.Maximum attention should be paid to: the graphics card (its volume, resolution), RAM and processor.The best way out - to compare installed on a laptop with existing analogues in online stores and read reviews about them.It is worth noting one important caveat - if installed on a laptop only integrated graphics, it is better to abandon the purchase (if you intend to use the device for modern games and graphics applications), as these video cards are not designed for demanding applications.

Battery status

Besides all of the above you need to pay attention to the battery.It is worth remembering that if it was used for several years, then it will have to be replaced.Of course, it is best to check the operation with the help of special programs, or just to find out how much it will work without a mains connection.