When you need to clean the notebook from dust

If your laptop while working began to "roar" like a jet plane, and its body is reminiscent of the touch heater, it's time to do preventive cleaning.Also that needed cleaning a laptop, it may indicate a spontaneous shutdown during operation.To neglect the care of the laptop is not worth it, because dust, falling into the radiators, cooling prevents the processor and overheated, it can simply burn out.To avoid damage, it should be about once every six months to clean the notebook.

How to clean a new laptop warranty

Most service warranty equipment maintenance break the contract and refused service if you tried to get inside the appliance yourself.Therefor

e, it is not necessary to unscrew and remove the cover of the new laptop, if the warranty period has not yet ended.There is an easier way to clean a laptop from dust.As a rule, the new laptop has not had much dust the inside and "blow off" the dust and debris (hair, crumbs, etc.) Can be influencing it from the outside.You need a vacuum cleaner with the function of blowing air.Remember where the air is when your laptop is running, find the hole (in the majority of today's notebooks, it is on the left), switch the vacuum cleaner blow-out and leaned his pipe to vent the computer.Several minutes will be enough to fine dust and rubbish "blew" from the notebook.Also, for such a preventive approach cleaning a powerful hairdryer.

How to clean an old laptop

If your computer is old and the warranty period for a long time it was over, you can give him a global purge the inside.To do this, equip a small Phillips otvertochkoy, clean brush, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and a damp cloth.

first step is to turn off the power and remove the lid of the laptop by unscrewing all the bolts with a screwdriver and clean except the laptop from dust?It is better to prepare in advance a small box and put them into it, not to lose or accidentally brush away from the table.First of all, pay attention to the motherboard.If it has a layer of dust, gently blow the debris away with a hair dryer, but in any case, do not wipe cloth, cotton buds and do not even touch a brush.Any microscopic villi of napkins, remaining at metrinke may damage the track or even trigger a short circuit.

Especially a lot of dust and dirt attract radiator and fans.Latest need to unplug and wipe gently with a damp cloth.Radiator same (the most polluted place in the laptop) will have to be cleaned with a hair dryer, brush, wet wipes, and in severe cases may need a toothpick to help otkovyryat stuck skomkovavshuyusya dust.

At the end of this stage, apply a few drops of engine oil on the axis of the fan and set it in place."Blow" hairdryer surface and ventilation holes.

Carefully place the notebook cover and alternately tighten the bolts using a screwdriver.Turn on the computer and listen when he became quieter, so you have correctly followed the instructions and all items now know exactly how to clean dust from the laptop at home.