you need
  • Notebook headset (headphones, microphone)
sound card laptop has deduced on the external side cover of laptop slot switching to finger connectors.The headphone jack is marked green.Plug the headphones by holding the plastic casing of the plug in the line-out audio card.Most often, it is also green, although sometimes the marking is done not color and symbol.Connecting the headset can be performed while the laptop.When connecting the connector, do not touch his hand.
microphone having a pink marking plug, plug to the microphone input of the sound card of the same color or marked with a microphone.The equipment is ready for use.
make setting After connecting the recording and playback of sound.It is carried out from the dialog "Volume", which can be opened from the menu "Start - Programs - Accessories - Entertainment - Volume."Here you can set the level and balance of playback, turn the device.
Click on the "Options" menu of this window and select "Record".In the window "Manage account", select "Microphone" by checking.The microphone is ready for recording.
Click "Start - Programs - Accessories - Entertainment" item "Recording".Make a trial recording sound from a microphone with the help of the "Sound-Sound Recorder."Save the result of the recording to the hard disk by selecting "File - Save As ...".Run the saved audio file to check the result of the headset.
Windows 7 sound settings simplified.To carry it out, open the "Sound" from the "Control Panel."Existing tab box "Record", select a custom microphone and perform the setting.The signal level is displayed on the scale of "Wizard".Strengthening the microphone and adjust the volume on the tab "Levels".