for cable manufacturing by the first method, take a stereo plug type "Jack" 3.5 mm and two shielded wires.Braids solder both wires to a common pin connector.The central core of one of them is connected to the terminal corresponding to the left channel, the other - to the terminal corresponding to the right channel.
The second way is to use the old headphones from the player.Cut them sounders and strip the ends of the wires using sidecutters or sandpaper.The conductors are covered with a colorless or yellow varnish - overall, the wire coated with blue or green lacquer corresponds to the left channel, and the red - right.If necessary, remove the cable breaks.
If the amplifier input jacks equipped with standard RCA («tulip»), take two plugs of the appropriate type.Braid
s both shielded wires or white or yellow wires connect the cable from the headphone plug to the contact ring.The central core of a shielded wire or blue or green wire cord from the headphones is soldered to the pins of a plug, the core of another shielded wire or the red wire headphone cable - to the pins of another connector.
If the amplifier is equipped with an input jack with DIN (CP-WG) with five conclusions on the opposite end of the cable will need to install only one connector type.Common cable conductors manufactured according to any of the methods solder middle pin connector.If the amplifier is made up to 1984 conductors corresponding stereo channels, connect the pins of the connector to the left of the mean (when viewed from the soldering pad turning down a notch, and the average output up).In case, if the amplifier is released after 1984, inclusive, the wires of the respective channels, solder contacts to the right of the middle.
Insulate all connections and assemble connectors.
Disconnect the amplifier.Connect the cable to the laptop and intended for headphones, and to the input of the amplifier having the worst sensitivity.The switch to select the input.If the low-sensitivity inputs from the amplifier not, consistently with the conductors of the cable, the corresponding stereo channels will have to include at resistor 10 kilos.
on both the computer and the amplifier, set the volume level.Only then turn on the power amplifier.
Start the laptop e playback of any audio file.Slowly increase the volume on both hearing instruments until you hear the sound.Pick a relationship between the provisions of the volume controls on the computer and the amplifier, in which the least noticeable distortion.