best option for use with a netbook will be Windows 7. This operating system is usually supplied as a pre-installed, and does not impose high requirements for equipment suitable for a netbook, which has 1 GB of RAM and a screen resolution of 1024x768.Your portable device may be a single-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, but you can achieve the best performance in the system, if you work on a netbook that has 2 or more processor cores.

If your PC does not meet the requirements for Windows 7, it is possible to install Windows XP, which is enough to run on a netbook, which is the amount of RAM is 256 MB and CPU clock speed does not exceed 1.2 GHz. This OS will successfully cope with any tas
k you want to perform on the device - you can run any office applications and programs for the Internet.

on relatively new dual-core netbooks with the amount of RAM is greater than 1 GB can be running Windows 8. On Windows 7, it features improved performance and an updated interface.Your notebook must be equipped with a display that can display the screen elements in the resolution of 1024x768.However, it is desirable that the screen of your netbook supports a higher resolution, so you can comfortably use the menu Metro system.


alternative to Windows family of operating systems are Linux.They are distinguished by low system requirements and can be used to perform any task for a computer.

Among the most convenient Linux distributions is well suited Ubuntu.This system is characterized by the ability to install the desktop Unity, which just is adapted for laptops and netbooks.With this interface you can quickly access the desired functions of the system and work with the programs. To install the latest Ubuntu (13.10) you will not need more RAM 512 MB and the availability of a single-core processor with a frequency of 1.4 GHz.

Alternative distributions for Linux users may become Suse, Mint (based on Ubuntu), and Mandriva.For more advanced users will approach systems such as Slackware, and Debian.A distinctive feature of Linux is the ability to fine-tune its openness, and thus having the ability to optimize your operating system for use with a netbook.