Tip 1: How to connect a laptop to the TV

For watching movies in high quality is not always convenient to use the display of the mobile computer.In such a situation it is recommended to connect laptop to a TV to display images on a large screen.
you need
  • Cable HDMI-HDMI.
Select the type of connection that is established between the mobile computer and a TV.In laptop ah, as a rule, there are two ports are intended for connecting an external display.This channel VGA and HDMI.
Modern TVs are common inputs HDMI.Use this connector to connect to a laptop have.This method enables you to transmit a digital signal, which is important when watching a movie in high quality.Another plus channel HDMI - the ability to broadcast audio signal.
Acquire Cable HDMI-HDMI.Its length should not be too large.This can lead to loss of quality of the transmitted signal.Turn on your computer and TV.
Make the devices using pre-assembled cables.Take the TV remote and switch the mode of operation of the equipment.To d
o this, select the HDMI-port to which the cable is connected.
Wait a while until the mobile computer will determine the new display.After that, the TV will display the background image of the desktop.This means that at the moment is active "Extend Display".
To switch the priority device, right-click in an unoccupied area of ​​the desktop.In the menu that appears, select the item "Screen Resolution."
Select the icon with the number two (the TV screen) and activate the option "Make this the primary display."Select an appropriate resolution for this screen.
If you want both the display identical image, activate the item "Duplicate screens."In such a situation it is recommended to appoint a monitor laptop and the main display.Be sure to select the screen resolution, valid for both devices.

Tip 2: How to connect your laptop to your TV

Each notebook owner who has ever tried to make out the details of what is happening in your favorite motion picture on the small screen of your compact assistant, probably more than once happened to glance toward shirokofromatnoy the TVand think to yourself - "But if the image output on TV ..." But to connect your laptop to your TV and use it as a second monitor is quite possible, and it does not require any special knowledge or skills.After all, as a rule, the laptop graphics card is ready to connect a second monitor, and can only "teach" to perceive television as such.

  1. Consider connectors, which are available on the laptop and on the TV.It may be VGA (D-Sub) (provides the highest image quality), RCA (connectors such as "tulip", will provide the picture is not brilliant quality, that is offset by the versatility and widespread interface), S-Video (available on most video cards), DVI, HDMI (new generation of interfaces).If you find that the same types of connectors, it remains only to find the appropriate cable (there is a large range of consumer electronics products in hypermarkets and relevant departments of universal hypermarkets).A further connection is the same as connecting a second monitor, that is most likely after connecting wire connectors on the TV shows the picture from just a laptop.

  2. If you want to connect your laptop to your TV is not a modern digital and analog type (usually a CRT TVs), then a satisfactory image quality for text to achieve is unlikely, however, to view the video and the quality of the games will be more orless satisfactory.Given the quality of today's digital televisions (LCD, plasma and projection TVs), and a decline in their prices (especially for models with a small diagonal), for permanent joint work laptop and the TV it makes sense to consider buying a digital model.

  3. problems when TV display may be associated with too high resolution settings and especially the refresh rate of the image, definable card.Try to reduce these parameters (see "Display" Control Panel laptop).


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