Design features

Because the laptop is compact and mobile devices are placed inside a much tighter than in a conventional stationary PCs, so the air circulation inside the laptop is broken.This is most often the cause of the hot temperature of the device.To reduce it, you should regularly monitor the cleanliness of the cooling system of the laptop, as well as check the status of thermal compound needed to reduce the temperature of the processor.

excessive noise

sources of noise can be a little notebook.Firstly, it is the same cooling system.In order to make it work quietly and efficiently, it must be cleaned regularly, at least 1 time per quarter.Increased noise can come from the hard disk, CD-drive, the video card.If the cooling system clean, tested, and the noise is, most likely, will have to carry a laptop to a specialized service center.
Price cooling stand can vary from 300 to 5000 rubles, depending on the capacity and additional functionality.

Preventive measures

addition to cleaning the cooling system and the change of thermal compound, the laptop is recommended as little as possible to carry from place to place.Let this and portable electronics, but its quality is not always conducive to changing operating conditions.If the laptop itself is prone to noise, it is not always a defect art.The fact that some laptops are very demanding increased power to the cooling system, so it can often make a noise.

In order to reduce the temperature of the notebook and decrease the load on the cooling system, you must purchase a special cooling stand is blown cool air underneath the laptop.If the money to purchase it there, you can slightly tilt the laptop, substituting for one of its edge or book or something for which it can be fixed.This will provide the necessary air circulation at the bottom of the notebook. Advanced users themselves often designed for notebook cooling system of the old fans.However, in case of failure, the system may damage the USB-port of the notebook, which will lead to a denial of warranty.

Selecting silent notebook

To ensure quiet operation, the laptop, you need to ask the seller to include it and run any program that will make him work hard and, accordingly, to bask.If the noise ventilation suit the buyer, he can buy it.If the laptop has a powerful gaming bundle, there will have to find a compromise as too quiet ventilation is insufficient cooling of the notebook, which can lead to premature failure.In other words, the noise sources from the laptop will be much more.